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A Night in Rio @ ZACH Topfer Theatre


Matinee: Saturday, April 21st @ 2pm, $22/ticket

Evening: Saturday, April 21st @ 7:30pm $30/ticket

Austin Samba, the country’s largest samba performance group, presents “A Night in Rio,” an evening of Brazilian drum and dance exploring the culture of the world's most famous Carnaval celebration in Rio de Janeiro.

Join Austin Samba the night before Carnaval as its performers move among the streets of Rio to showcase music and dance found throughout Brazil. They finally arrive at the Sambódromo, Rio's renowned avenue where the city's enormous parades take place, to give it all they’ve got during the giant celebration.

Immerse yourself in this journey through Rio de Janeiro and revel in the sparkle, drums, and pageantry that define this iconic annual celebration!

Tickets on sale NOW! Do not miss out!

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