About the Dance Wings

The talented Austin Samba dancers perform samba, samba reggae, afoxé, maracatu and a variety of West African dance styles. Dancers come from a variety of backgrounds. Our aim is to give our audience and community a wonderful performance that integrates the exciting elements of Brazilian music and dance.

There are two dance sections in Austin Samba, all of which are open and depend on the level of a dancers experience and availability: the Passistas and the Alegria.

We welcome people with and without previous dance experience into Austin Samba. The intake period for new dancers takes place in the spring and summer, and is followed by tryouts in September and intensive preparation in the fall and winter for our spring Carnaval performances.


Dancers interested in our “passista” group should have some dance experience and must be willing to commit to performing and rehearsing on a regular basis. Performing in the group is based on several factors including regular attendance, knowledge of the choreographies, ability to improvise, and a positive attitude. Membership into the passista group is determined during dancer tryouts in September.


The alegria dance group is designed for dancers, movers, and shakers who love to move to a funky beat and want to participate in parades and other large-scale events throughout the year. For those who have never done any type of Brazilian dance but would like to try, now is the time to do it! For those looking to gain more experience in different styles of Brazilian dance, this is the group for you. Training is provided during rehearsals, where you practice alongside the drummers. In addition to our rehearsals, you can also take classes in samba and Brazilian street dance at Esquina Tango.

How to Join

For more information on joining a dance section, please email austinsambaschooldance@gmail.com. Dancers usually rehearse alongside the drummers on Wednesday evenings at 7:30. Please note that the dancer schedule is not always the same as the drummer schedule, so dancers should be available via email for updates.